I am letting it all out

شخص ما.

شخص ما.

حب يشعر بالحب ، بتاريخ نشرت

Recently I've been more open to the people around me. And though I can hear my inner ego screaming "No, you foolish! Don't fall for it, hold it back!", I'm relieved to say that the outcome isn't so bad so far. 

For example, I'll be having exams soon and at this time of the year I get so anxious I just keep wandering around the house. My mom -naturally and as always- noticed my anxiety and asked me what's wrong. Usually I just say nothing (or say it's nothing, see the pun?  ) 

But this time I got right to the point and said: "I have to go study and I'm anxious about my exams." 

I expected the reply to be something like: "well you're always on your phone and not studying, no wonder you're anxious." 

But surprisingly, my mom supported me and told me to not despair and seek help from Allah.   

I also - under the pressures of the same exams- confessed my admiration to my crush, and they discarded the topic gently. I swear to God my crush is the sweetest person alive.   


يجب عليك تسجيل الدخول لتتمكن من إضافة تعليق