Fiqh: An honorable piece of knowledge

هند عصام

هند عصام

استمتاع يشعر بالاستمتاع ، بتاريخ نشرت

in our online Fiqh course ,  is a very honorable piece of knowledge. It is the knowledge and the understanding of Shari`ah, the guidance that Allah sent to mankind.

This knowledge is essential for our success in this life and the hereafter. Those who develop this knowledge are as honorable as the knowledge itself, and we are indebted to them for making the effort to learn and teach Allah’s guidance to His creation.

It is a serious job and one of the most rewarding. Ibn Al-Qayyim describes the people of fiqh in an honorable, yet frightening, way. He described them to be, “the signatories on behalf of the Lord of the worlds.” (Ibn Al-Qayyem, A’lam Al-Mowaq’in )

Hadn’t it been for the multiple reward Allah gives for those who take on this responsibility and the excuse – and the reward – they get if they make a mistake, no one would dare to shoulder such a responsibility or play such a role.

Ibn Al-Qayyim talked about the scholars of fiqh in the introduction of his book mentioned above by saying,

“… and if signing on behalf of kings is something that cannot be undermined and is a very honorable role, how about signing on behalf of the Lord of the heavens and the earth?”

He continued to say,

“The one who assumes such a position should prepare for it, and should know the value of the responsibility he shoulders; he should declare the truth for Allah will guide him and support him… and he should know that he will be held accountable before Allah .


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