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هند عصام

هند عصام

بتاريخ نشرت

Other, more modest Muslim sections inside the Sunni and Shiite bunches exist. A portion of these include:

Wahhabi: This Sunni group, comprised of individuals from the Tameem clan in Saudi Arabia, was established in the eighteenth century. Devotees notice an amazingly exacting understanding of Islam through aqeedah course , that was instructed by Muhammad receptacle Abd al-Wahhab.

Alawite: This Shiite type of Islam is predominant in Syria. Adherents hold comparable convictions about the caliph Ali yet in addition notice some Christian and Zoroastrian occasions.

Country of Islam: This for the most part African-American, Sunni organization was established during the 1930s in Detroit, Michigan.

Kharijites: This academy parted from the Shiites in the wake of differing over how to choose another pioneer. They are known for extremist fundamentalism, and today are called Ibadis.


Islam Quran

The Quran.

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The Quran (now and again spelled Qur'an or Koran) is viewed as the main blessed book among Muslims.

It contains some fundamental data that is found in the Jewish Book of scriptures just as disclosures that were given to Muhammad. The content is viewed as the consecrated expression of God and supercedes any past compositions.

Most Muslims accept that Muhammad's recorders recorded his words, which turned into the Quran. (Muhammad himself was never instructed to peruse or compose.)

The book is composed with Allah as the primary individual, talking through Gabriel to Muhammad. It contains 114 sections, which are called surahs.

Researchers accept the Quran was arranged not long after Muhammad's passing, under the direction of Caliph Abu Bakr.

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Islamic Schedule

The Islamic schedule, additionally called the Hijra schedule, is a lunar schedule utilized in Islamic strict love. The schedule started in the year 622 A.D., commending the excursion of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina.

The Islamic schedule shows the appropriate long stretches of Islamic occasions and festivities, including the time of fasting and supplication known as Ramadan, which happens during the 10th month of the schedule.

Islam Images

As in numerous religions, there is no single picture or image of Islam that is all around acknowledged by all Muslims around the world.

The sickle moon and star has been embraced in some transcendently Muslim nations as an image of Islam, however the bow moon and star picture is accepted to pre-date Islam and was initially an image of the Footstool Realm.


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