What if...

Su'ad K.S

Su'ad K.S

بتاريخ نشرت

I will always wonder: " what my life would turn into if they told me I was enough...?"


  • خالد نور

    لا شيء سيحدث.. :)
  • إنسان تائه

    I think about that, too, sometimes. Is it too much to ask for people to believe in us? to accept us as we are, without feeling the need to constantly ask us for more and more...
    We are not machines, and we certainly aren't slaves. It'd be pleasant to be left alone to do what we are fond of and to be who we are and who we aspire to be...

    I think of this all the time. But these days I'm ignoring it. Maybe if I do what they want from me, and I numb the pain and regret...maybe then, in the acceptance of others, I'll find some peace of mind at least...

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